Networking Done Right!
For Personal and Professsional Growth

The Struggle is Real...

Never seem to have enough leads?

Frustrated trying to get people interested in what you do?

Wish you had others to bounce ideas off or ask questions about your business?

Trying to market but nothing taking off?

Feel like you're going it all alone in your business?

Ever Thought...

"I just can't figure out how to get more referrals"

"I don't know how to get good feedback about my ideas"

"I don't know how to get people to engage with me"

"Why does their marketing seem to work for them"

"I just don't understand how to make tech work for my business"

"I've got so many questions and not sure where to start"

We see you

We've been there, and we know...

And we're coming out of the woodwork because we have something BIG to say.

And we need you to hear it.

There is Power in a Network

And we're tired of seeing ultra passionate entrepreneurs and professionals struggle.

What If There Were One Place Where You Could...

Exponentially increase the visibility of you and your business!

Expand Your Network of resources, industry peers, referral sources, strategic partners, and potential clients and customers!

Learn new strategies, gain wisdom from other entrepreneurs and professionals, and get support for your challenges!

Increase your Impact and Overall Business Success!

A Community to


Your Business!

Who We Are

We are a community of entrepreneurs and professionals with a proven strategy to elevate the performance and success of its members.  Our focus is to help you build the right kinds of strong business relationships and strategies that result in more visibility, referrals, and growth.

We believe that the right knowledge, opportunities, and consistent actions are the keys to consistent growth in any business.  We are a community driven by collaboration, cooperation, and accountability.

"Networking is the #1 unwritten rule of success in business." - Sallie Krawcheck

We were able to develop an entire new business line...

Through consistently attending almost every NBG HUDDLE we were able to develop an entire new business line.  The group input has been absolutely INSTRUMENTAL in clarifying messaging, branding and how to bring to market!  Thanks NBG for hosting such great events!

Michael & Katie Catlow

Owners, TheCatlows

The value is unmistakable...

The topics, conversations, and insight I’ve received through NBG and its members touch every aspect of my business. The value is unmistakable, and the support to implement new things like marketing automation and the 5-4-3-2-1 plan has helped me reach out to potential clients consistently to increase my growth potential!

Kristin Clark

Founder, Kristin Clark Coaching & Consulting

What's Inside

Full Member Directory

Members are all listed, and have access to, the complete, searchable member directory of NBG.  Provide a profile that is visible to all members or only your “connections”.  Use the directory to foster new connections within an industry, location, or functional specialty.

Community Discussions

There is so much power in the sharing of knowledge.  Share what you know, ask for what you need.  The NBG activity feed draws from the collective inputs of all.  View posts by your connections, those you follow, or the entire membership.  Need some advice or perhaps just a second (or third/fourth/fifth) opinion?  Throw your questions out there for someone who has faced your challenge before!

Business Blog

As entrepreneurs and professionals, we are always learning, striving to improve our strategies and outcomes.  The NBG blog covers broad-reaching topics and will continue to grow with healthy, contextual blogs from across our membership.  Members are encouraged to submit blog posts and increase the exposure to your business while providing great value to the world!


Join professionals from a variety of industries for a time of connecting, growing, and sharing wisdom.  HUDDLEs provide a place for you to mastermind with like-minded professionals around a challenge, use the group for market research, or to work on an idea that you have.  The collective wisdom of the HUDDLE and relationship building networking time is priceless.

Ask the Expert

Have a question about marketing, lead generation, business processes, leveraging time or resources, creating content, networking…really anything related to your business?  Twice a month NBG will have an Expert join us for a roundtable discussion to answer your questions.  Experts will rotate between a multitude of disciplines.

Strategic Collaboratives

Think of this like a Professional Association Advisory Group for your Industry.  Members of similar and parallel industries regularly come together to get real about their business space, explore ways to capitalize on opportunities, collaborating on anything from industry challenges, trends, and market dynamics to specific business needs, advice, referrals, identifying new paths to grow their companies, and so much more.  Strategic Collaboratives are powerful!

What Makes Us Different?

No Mandates

We don’t tell members how to refer, or mandate the amount of leads they must give, or keep track of 1:1 meetings outside the community.  We treat you like the professional you are and let you network and follow up in the style that best suits your business.

We're Networking PLUS!

Good networking is powerful all by itself!  But we are taking it to another level, equipping our members with opportunities to grow their knowledge through the business blog and online courses, access to experts, online collaboration with our social community, and so much more! 

Philosophy of Abundance

We believe in an “unconditionally give” type of engagement for all our members.  It’s the overtone of all our events.  Yes, you will get extreme value through your engagement with the community, but your experience and wisdom is also valuable to others.  We encourage members to share, to give, to vest in the success of this family of professionals.

More than I've experienced elsewhere!

Network Build Grow had everything I was looking for.  It wasn’t just getting together once a week and everybody talking.  There’s a lot more value and content within the community that is more than I’ve experienced in any other networking group I’ve been a part of!

Colleen Kuerth

Mystical Dream Travel

Why People Love NBG

Want a Peek Inside?

Even More Goodness!

Online Courses

If the great networking and social sharing weren’t enough already, we’ve got 2 blockbuster courses for you!  “Networking is a Contact Sport” and “Marketing Automation Jumpstart”!

Member to Member Marketplace

As a community that supports its members, NBG will have an area where members can offer other members exclusive discounts on their own products or services.  The M2M Marketplace will continue to grow as the community expands!

Full Events Calendar

One place for ALL NBG Events!  See what’s coming, get the details, and register right in the platform.  Whether it’s a HUDDLE or Strategic Collaborative or “Ask the Expert”, NBG events are just waiting for you to come be an integral part of the conversation!

More of What They Say...

"There wasn't much I liked about networking UNTIL I got involved with Network Build Grow! Before, networking was about a lot of people talking and nobody listening. I got out of networking for a while because I was frustrated. I am not frustrated any more!"
Wayne Coolidge
Owner, Health Promotion
"I find that I get so much value every single time I attend my Strategic Collaborative group meeting. Being a business owner can be very competitive in nature. Through the Strategic Collaborative, I love having an opportunity to come together with like minded business owners in similar industries, to learn from one another, collaborate, and discuss industry issues and obstacles."
Kim Wojnowich
Founder, Live BOLDLY Coaching
"I love the fact that this is a group of like-minded business people that are truly there to support each other, to help each other, to make those connections that are so important to business, and on a personal level these are just great people!"
Emma Moore
Thrivent Financial

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What You'll Get Inside!

Full Member Directory
Social Networking Platform
Full Professional Profile
Weekly HUDDLEs
Monthly Strategic Collaboratives
'Ask the Expert' 2 x Month
Business Blog with Member Submissions
Member to Member Marketplace
Digital Course: "Networking is a Contact Sport"
Digital Course: "Marketing Automation Jumpstart"

The "Never Average, Only Awesome" Guarantee

We don't do average.

So our guarantee isn't either.

We believe in your ability to utilize a network, to contribute, to learn, to build, to succeed, and we want to make this decision easy for you!

At any point over the next 30 DAYS, if you don't see the value of this great community, just give us a shout, ask for your money back, and we'll hit refund on the entire operation for full!

Even More of What They Say...

"At a time when lock-down started I found myself in a panic. What do I do now? Where do I go from here? In my search I found NBG and their HUDDLES! And I found a brand new perspective on where I was going with my business. I am forever in debt to them:)!"
Peet van Niekerk
Owner, Designer Needed
"I'm SO EXCITED about the online NBG membership and being a part of a community full of like-minded individuals who invest the time, money, and energy in themselves AND in a community where we can all help and support one another."
Rita Garnto
Founder, Simple Self-Care
"This is a great group for any business owner. It's a great place to start regardless of your experience level...everyone is welcome! The content and conversations are insightful, and the shared ideas are really helpful. I would highly recommend any business owner join a Networking and Wisdom HUDDLE!"
Scott Wiley
Owner, Business Strategies Group

Frequently Asked Questions

NBG works no matter where you live or work!  This online platform makes it simple for anyone, anywhere to connect, share, learn, and collaborate!

Strategic Collaboratives are similar to a Professional Association within an industry.  NBG has 7 industry Collaboratives to tackle the specific challenges within their business space, build strong referral partnerships and form collaborative efforts.

HUDDLEs are open to any industry or profession and are a time to network on a deeper level with a group to build relationships, to bring a challenge and use the collective wisdom of the group for ideas and solutions, and to even throw out an idea to gather some market feedback.

Feel free to check out all our events on the Events Calendar HERE!

Nope.  Although we do feel strongly that the more you participate and get involved the more you will receive out of the membership.  But there are no roll calls or mandatory attendance.

NBG does not require a certain number of referrals per month either.  We find that the best referrals are built out of first building strong relationships.

No.  NBG has a true mindset of abundance – there is enough business for everyone!  Networking at its best is not only cross-industry but within your own industry as well.  Collaborations and strong referral partnerships are often formed within industries.  

You can cancel anytime.  If it’s within your first 30 days, just ask for a full refund and you shall have it!  After 30 days, once you cancel you’ll have access to the community for the remainder of that payment period.  For more information please refer to our Website Terms of Service.

Perfect question!  One word…VALUE.  When you consider the entirety of what NBG brings, the value to your business is clear.  Joining NBG certainly doesn’t exclude you from attending any free event out there (in fact we encourage it), but staying consistently engaged in a growing community vested in each other’s success through networking, blogs, courses, social sharing, and special events all under one roof can fill your pipeline and yield the dividends your business desires!

NBG does have its GROW group coaching program for select applicants.  We do very limited private coaching, but you can contact us for more information.

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