Signature Event: Build and Live your Legacy Now with Fabi Preslar + our Signature Networking and member Book Fair

Living the life that you design, daily, creates a mark on the world. Many people walk through life building upon someone else’s idea of what their life should or could be. Yet this results in unfulfillment, unmet potential, and even regret. 

If we seek to build our lives on things we define for ourselves, including the others we have around us, we will not only have a more fulfilling life, but we will leave a legacy that will outlast generations. 

Our foundation, our daily activities, our successes, our failures, our growth, and our experiences provide us with solid ground in which to build and create our lives. Even when we have to excavate some aspects, create some mess, or shout to the stars, we are each and every day cultivating the legacy that we will leave.

Each experience we have provides an opportunity to shift, change, shape, mold, learn, grow, and share with others. Without sharing our highs and our lows with each other we deny them the joy of being a part of our life, and our legacy. 

Join us as Fabi Preslar shares her insights on how we can live each day courageously by facing the foundations we have, choosing to intentionally set our minds to what we want for our lives, and leaving the legacy of all that we learn to those who will follow. She will share a few of her favorite F-words that help us to shape not only our lives today but our legacy that we will leave behind. She unpacks her lessons learned as a 30-plus year business owner, daughter of immigrants, wife and mother to help us all create the best versions of ourselves so that we can strongly serve our role and purpose.

Fabi is an award winning author and will pull from her book the “Fabulous F-Words of Business Ownership” to bring us an understanding of how we should live our lives now so that we leave a fruitful legacy behind.

Fabi is a direct yet engaging and warm speaker. She brings a positive, authentic, and candid style to deliver relevant messages and information about business ownership, and finding the fuel to flourish in both business and life.

She is the founder and president of SPARK Publications, an award winning custom publishing firm of magazines and books. Her husband and daughter are part of the team and this year they are celebrating their 25th anniversary. 

ANNOUNCEMENT: Calling all NBG Members that have written a book – we want to celebrate and highlight YOU!  Please contact us and plan to showcase your book(s) at the event!


NOTE: This is NOT the only place people RSVP – we generally have 40+ in attendance

PLEASE NOTE:  All Signature Events are now also live-streamed on ZOOM for those outside the Greater Charlotte area or unable to attend in-person.

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Nov 08 2023


10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Tabbris Innovation Center


Tabbris Innovation Center
1300 South Blvd, Charlotte, NC
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