Signature Event: Give Them a Chance to Buy with Steve Gatter

Steve is a Business Strategist, Mentor and Coach…this interactive presentation will take a closer look at the other side of selling – the buyer’s journey.

What are buyers thinking? How do they decide what to buy, when to buy, and from whom to buy?

We will explore:

  • The one thing all buyers are trying to achieve
  • The 7 questions buyers need answers to
  • The difference between a need and a want
  • The impact of the outcome
  • The emotional side of the purchase decision


Many business owners and professionals only consider the ‘sales’ side of the equation…not really taking into consideration how the buyer is receiving the information.

Don’t assume that what you want to tell them is what they need to hear 🙂



Jun 22 2022


10:00 am - 11:30 am

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