The Things You Say Can Make or Break a Deal

Ever since we were kids, the things that come out of our mouths matter.  From childhood to adulthood, the words we choose have always held importance, shaping the outcomes of our interactions.

We either made a friend – or an enemy.

We either persuaded others to our view – or pushed them to the counter side.

We either got the date – or were shunned, ghosted, and rejected.

Now that we are all grown up (well mostly), and have businesses of our own, it is important to heed those lessons from our youth. But do we?

In our sales conversations, in our marketing, in our everyday lives – do we truly pay attention to the words we say….or write…or text?

Are we attracting or repelling potential prospects and business alliances?

Are we showcasing our best side, our worst side, or no side at all?

Are we being heard – the way we want to be heard?

Here is the bottom line – in order for prospects to really hear you, and understand, and be open to continuing down the path, you should join them in the conversation they are already having in their mind about the challenge they are facing that you can help solve.

Here are a few things you need to know…and create good copy around:

FAQ: list the most frequently asked questions you receive, or the ones people have around your industry. Create clear and concise answers to each of these questions. 

List the mistakes people make in regard to what you do. Remember there are a few types of mistakes to consider: 

  1. Those mistakes we know we are making but don’t know what else to do. 
  2. The mistakes we don’t realize we are making, but you do, and show us why it is a mistake. 
  3. Those things that we believe we need to be doing but in reality doing them is a mistake.
  4. Those things we know we should be doing and therefore it is a mistake to not be doing them.

I am sure you can list several things in each of those categories. Once you have, create good conversation points, copy for marketing, and questions to present to uncover these mistakes during sales and prospecting calls and meetings. 

Find the mainstream topics in your industry

When crafting these conversations, be mindful of how language packaging, tone, and demeanor influence perception. Each word must be carefully chosen to ensure your message is heard and not dismissed. Remember, in every interaction, verbal or written, potential clients are evaluating whether they want to do business with you. Their reactions are based on the emotions and feelings evoked by your words. 

The things people are curious about – and have an opinion. Possibly give a positive opposite view or offer counterintuitive perspectives that encourage dialogue.

Even if you have the best product, service, customer support, or methodology in your industry, it is all in vain if your words fail to resonate. Your aim should be to foster conversation, help prospects identify their needs, and position yourself and your business as the obvious solution.

By instilling confidence in their minds, you pave the way for success. As Zig Zigler famously said, “Selling is a transfer of a feeling of confidence.” Without choosing the right words, you cannot exude confidence. Ponder upon this.

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