Don’t let Your Processes Speak for You

Digital advancements have certainly accelerated over the last few years – and the pendulum has swung significantly towards an over-reliance on technology-driven processes and systems, often at the expense of personal, human interactions. While technology has undeniably enhanced our ability to communicate and remain connected, it has also introduced barriers to interpersonal relationships and communication skills.

Despite the convenience and cost-effectiveness of technology, such as chatbots, AI, and email automation, these tools can sometimes detract from the personal touch customers crave. As a result, businesses must strike a balance between leveraging technology for efficiency and nurturing personal connections that foster customer loyalty and trust.

Often, prospects & customers encounter a business more through automated emails, social media posts, and digital marketing campaigns than through personal interactions. While these digital touchpoints are essential in the modern landscape, they should not replace the genuine connections that build lasting relationships and brand loyalty.

To address this, businesses need to identify and bridge the gap between technological interactions and personal connections. This involves evaluating the proportion of time spent on direct human interaction versus technological touchpoints. 

To truly understand and improve customer perception, businesses should adopt the customer’s perspective. This means critically assessing every communication sent through technological means to determine its effectiveness in conveying likability, trustworthiness, care, and value.

Questions to consider include: (how would they answer these)

  • Are you likable and trustworthy?
  • Do you care about them and their problems?
  • Are you capable of solving them?
  • Are you providing value or simply taking it?
  • Do customers see you as unique or just another option?
  • What changes or improvements would they suggest?
  • What are your perceived strengths and weaknesses?

And the BIG question: Do you know who they are?

We all have felt unimportant.

We all forget names, faces, and details of conversations.

We all feel overlooked and forgotten at times.

We have to make efforts to be a ‘real person’ in their eyes. A caring, empathetic to their situation, and capable of providing solutions.

Our focus should be to provide them with a feeling of importance, or significance, so their interaction with us exceeds expectations.

True customer loyalty is built through experiences, not just digital interactions.

  • Do you need systems & processes – Yes
  • Do you need email marketing – Yes
  • Do you need social media marketing – Yes

But underlying all that needs to be the humans In your brand. The Human2Human interaction.

These real-time-face-to-face encounters build (or diminish) your social capital. Either enhancing or destroying the likelihood of referrals & positive word of mouth.

Word-of-mouth remains the most powerful tool in prospecting, far outstripping the reach of any digital advertisement. A discrepancy between a company’s online promises and real-world interactions can quickly tarnish its reputation. Maintaining a positive reputation requires consistent, genuine, and personal interactions that reflect the values and promises communicated through technology.

Ultimately, the unique competitive advantage any business or individual has is their personal touch. 

In the pursuit of efficiency and scalability, the importance of human-to-human interactions and interpersonal skills must not be forgotten. By focusing on personal connections and experiences, businesses can ensure their processes and systems enhance rather than replace the fundamental human interactions that drive true success and customer loyalty.

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