Ask the Expert: Answering your questions around how to best use the information you gain from personal assessments with Kristin Clark

Ever take one (or more) of those personal assessments?

Like – Myers Brigg, Big 5, Clifton Strengths, Enneagram, DISC

We all have – multiple times.  And we love the knowledge and information we gain, and the insights into ourselves or our teams.

It may be that we even learned how to apply this knowledge to one or a few aspects of our lives…maybe our communication skills, or our leadership style.

But overall – was it just a fun exercise that we really don’t know how to apply?

Kristin is an expert at understanding how to help people use the information and insights they received from a multitude of different assessments, and how to apply that knowledge to their business and life so they can excel and succeed in the direction they want to take.

Come ask your questions about:

  • What are the best assessments for your needs
  • How do you apply that knowledge you receive from the results
  • Why is one better/worse then another assessment
  • What is the difference between them
  • Why do I see different results depending on the assessment (maybe even conflicting) and how do I use that

Can’t make it but have a question…go to Ask the Expert page and submit it online – they will answer it and you can watch the replay!

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Aug 24 2022


9:00 am - 10:00 am
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