Signature Event: The Psychology of the Sale with Glenn Michael Milliet

Subtitle: How to stop selling and start closing your way to a life of financial freedom and emotional happiness.

Who this presentation is for: This presentation is for those smart business individuals who are READY to transform mere selling skills into life-changing “Sales Closing Mastery.”

What this presentation is about: This presentation is about:

+ understanding the psychology of exactly what takes place in the sales/closing process

+ supercharging your closing skills

+ increasing sales and revenues

+ targeting and building high-value client relationships

+ delivering your message in a more authentic way

+ out positioning the competition

+ and dominating in the mind of your niche market audience

Takeaways: You will learn how to:

+ easily close more sales with focused selling solutions

+ deliver greater value to every client buying experience

+ quickly engage prospects in results-driven conversations that produce positive and productive results

+ use the power of deep dive discovery to easily expose what your client wants most to purchase

+ open conversations that deliver the “Happily ever after” experience

+ effectively target solution based emotional results closing techniques

+ enhance every communication, conversation, and consultation with the power of verbiage, voice, and visual messaging

+ and so much more

Expect to exit this presentation with skills and techniques that you can immediately apply to change your life and the lives of those most important to YOU!



May 11 2022


10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Tabbris Innovation Center


Tabbris Innovation Center
1300 South Blvd, Charlotte, NC
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